Sunday, August 07, 2011

101 in 1001 update

I updated this last July. This year's changes are done in red.


1. Pay off ½ of debt (1/3 of the way done)
2. Transfer all money/banking to TX accounts
3. Move toward cash-based purchases
4. Attend financial management class and implement strategies
5. Create Christmas fund with $XXX for every Christmas (always manage to get it done by Christmas. This year's fund is done!)
6. Create $XXXX emergency fund on FL account (done- June) (not so done. My Rome trip depleted my savings account. In a good way.)
7. Pay off Sears card (done- July)
8. Pay off Student loan (done- July)
9. Pay off car (anticipated in March 2011) (done. Now I need to start saving up for a down payment on the next car.)
10. None of your beeswax (baby steps) (Done. And I'm pretty surprised by that fact.)
11. Put $5 in savings for every item I complete on this list. (due in svgs acct: $25)
12. Put all rebates, reimbursements, and extra cash in savings account

13. Create a daily, weekly, monthly cleaning plan
14. Create a home recycling plan
15. Attainable design/ redecorating plan for each room
16. Clean out car once a week
17. Wash car once a month
18. Entertain in my home (once in July)
19. Join Tasty Kitchen and try a new recipe every month.
20. Cook a recipe from my cook books once a month.
21. Update my address book
22. clean closet monthly and donate to Goodwill

Health and Fitness-
23. Lose 10 pounds
24. Lose 10 pounds
25. Lose 10 pounds
26. Lose 10 pounds
27. Lose 10 pounds
28. Reduce take out to no more than two times per week
29. Take vitamins daily
30. Continue weight training until 100 workouts are complete (26/100) (Still at 26 as of this update. Shameful.)
31. Yearly female checkup
32. Implement skincare routine
33. Twice-yearly dental cleanings (so far so good) (I missed this last one, so I need to schedule an appointment)
34. Take a fitness class
35. Incorporate one new healthy habit a month

36. Write 25 things I love about being single
37. Confront conflict (did it. blogged about it)
38. Begin checking out library books (Now that I have a Kindle, this is pointless)
39. Walk Daisy every day
40. Incorporate fancy into my life once a week
41. Get papers graded daily/bi-daily and into computer weekly (I made a lot of progress on this one this past year.)
42. Spend time with friends twice monthly (working on it) (I'm pretty consistent with this one.)
43. Learn how to keep a plant alive

44. Send The Sister a care package before she graduates (fail. time to rethink)
45. Keep Daisy current on HW meds (I just started this in June 2011, but I think it will work.)
46. See The Aunt 3 times per every six months (I've been fortunate to see her almost every month this year, now I need to work on seeing The Uncle more)
47. Do one thing simply because The Dad wants to do it or wants me to do it.
48. Do one thing simply because The Mom wants to do it or wants me to do it.

49. Start and keep a Prayer Journal
50. YL- related goal (once, more in fall)
51. YL- related goal (once, more in fall) (Again in spring)
52. Initiate face-to-face discussions about Christ
53. Invite someone to church once/year

54. Go camping
55. Post Secret
56. NYC
57. Go to a state I’ve never been to each year (Colorado!)
58. Play Free Fallin’ on the guitar
59. Go to a Gator Game
60. Go back to Gainesville
61. Take pictures in a photo booth
62. Watch 50 of AFI’s 100 movies (still at 26)
63. Master 50 of 100 life skills (mastered: 47/100. Bump goal up to 75) (mastered somewhere in the 50s.- now on to 75)
64. Visit another continent (Yeah, I went to this continent called EUROPE when I went to ROME!)
65. Horseback riding (done at Barbie camp)
66. Play golf
67. Rock climbing
68. Go on a blind or second date
69. Wear false eyelashes
70. Have a picnic
71. Print and bind each year of blogging into a book.
72. Climb a tree
73. Go to another corn maze

74. Not for others to know
75. Kitchenaid stand mixer
76. DSLR
77. iTouch (got one for my bday. rethink this one)
78. Cast iron skillet

79. A professional sporting event for each local sport
80. Musical or theater event per year (non-field-trip)
81. A college bowl game
82. One wedding in which I would change places with the bride and one wedding in which I would not.

83. Update list weekly
84. Write/mail one letter per month
85. Update resume once a year
86. Take/have picture taken that I love (so glad The Aunt got a fancy pants camera!)
87. Send a soldier a care package
88. Write 10 notes for good customer service (filling out the customer surveys and such. 3/10)
89. Draft a will
90. Pay for the person in line behind me in the drive through
91. Letters to my husband monthly
92. Send someone flowers or receive flowers from someone other than my parents
93. Go to a farmer’s market
94. Take a photography class
95. Learn at least 5 constellations that I don’t know
96. Write a love letter
97. Finish reading Jane Austen’s novels (4 of 6 done. hope to finish last two this summer) (Still need to read those other two!)
98. Write a piece and submit it to a magazine
99. Get a massage
100. Post 100 comments on blogs
101. Go to my father’s grave

Wow. 17 out of 101. That's depressing. I should get busy. Or stop doing these reviews.


  1. I need to make a list like this. I don't think "wear false eyelashes" will be on my list, unless I just do something really crazy.

    How do you survive without a cast iron pan???

  2. It's great. It helps me focus on the things I need to do. You should google to help you make the list. It's hilarious/disturbing what some people put on their lists.

    And I don't know I've lived without a cast iron skillet either. It's shameful really.



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