Thursday, December 01, 2011

And no farms. Everyone's pushing small town rural. A farm book would just be white noise.

Yes, I'm going to quote Elf of December.

You're welcome.

I would have called this "A small price to pay for sanity" but the price is not small. I spend way too much every year on my December Daily. Way too much time. Way too much money.

But it really does keep me sane. It keeps me focused on something other than my crazy-a$$ family and job around this time of year, and it gives me a creative outlet, which soothes my soul and gives me peace. So small or big, it's a reasonable price to pay for sanity.

Each year I try this.Last year was my first finished book. I love it more than I should.

This year, I'm going for a 12 x 12 book, so I can incorporate more journaling. I was a little intimidated, but as I'm piecing it together I'm really liking what I can do with it. A lot.

I'd like to say this is a little sneak peak, but it's not. It's about all I have finished. I'm WAY behind this year. As in, instead of having the whole book done by now, I've only done through Dec. 2. Well, half of Dec. 2. You know. Tomorrow.

Here's the cover, waiting to be bedazzled. I have something fancy to create for the big black square in the middle, and then a little blingity-bling to put in the corner. Which is not really my style, but is a little bit.

The cover. Very plain. The picture is sideways. Naturally.  

Here's the workspace. My dining room table. Also known as the first thing you see when you walk into my apartment.

I start each year's book with a calendar. Last year it was part of the cover, so I never wrote anything on it. This year I'd like to keep a better calendar.

This is the opening page. It's a fold-out. I'm not showing you the inside of the flap, because it's not done. I printed out what I needed to fix it today. And left it at school. I'm awesome like that. 

 And finally, the page for day one. It will be pictures of my tree and my decorations, and a few wrapped presents. 
Except I haven't decorated my tree yet. 
Or much of anything else in my apartment.

I'll try to get the rest of the book done. You know... before Easter.

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