Saturday, June 30, 2012

Why do I have to be related to her? I blame my parents.

Just because I am giving myself grace on the blogging thing this summer doesn't mean that nothing is happening in my life. Just last week we had an epic event at my house entitled Me vs. Daisy vs. The Bird. I will hopefully get around to telling you that story.

This evening, I'm going to tell you the story of The Sister and The Trip to Cabo.

The Sister and Her Boyfriend have been planning their summer vacation to Cabo San Lucas for quite some time. As these things go, this week, she's called me 37.4 times to ask me ridiculous questions like when she goes to get cash, should she get American money or Mexican dinero. Do they take American money there? (I assured her that they take American money at a time-share in Cabo).

She also asked me a ridiculous question about her camera charger, and after I answered that question, she starts telling me about how Her Boyfriend has been pulling away from her and things aren't going well. Luckily, I was interrupted by a phone call from The Boss that I had to take.

So, last night, long story short, I texted her to ask her if Cabo was fabulous.
Here was the result:

It's at this point that I get the first call from an unkown number. When I answered, no one was on the other line. I got three more calls that stopped before I could even touch the answer button. I googled the information. The number was from Cabo.

Up until now, there was some confusion as to whether she was even in Cabo. Regardless, I knew based on the texts I was getting, wherever she was, she had probably been drinking.  Once I started getting the calls from Cabo, I knew in which country she was probably drinking.

On the fourth try, the call connected, and I was able to talk to my sobbing sister. It was at this point that she truly learned what it was like to have me as a sister.

We had the following converstaion:

The Sister (TS): {sob}{sob}{sob} Hi Jennifer.
TS: {sob} on my hotel balcony {sob}{sniff}{sob}
Me: Well, don't go anywhere. Stay there tonight. Don't go off drinking with anyone. I do not want to have to go on 20/20 talking about being the last person to talk to you alive. And also, if the only reason that I end up going to Cabo is to identify your body, I'm going to be SO pissed. So. What's wrong?
TS: {sob} Boyfriend {sob sob} being mean {sob}{sniff}{sob} saying I'm not his wife {sob} can't tell him what to do {sob} being mean {sob} {gurgle} {sob}
Me: Well, is he drunk?
TS:  What?
Me: Has he been drinking? Boys get mean when they drink. Just give him his space tomorrow and spend the day on the beach. You're at a resort in Mexico. Don't ruin your own vacation. Lay on the beach and chill out.
TS: huh? {gurgle gurgle gurgle}

And the connection to Cabo was lost. Now, don't get me wrong. She tried to call me seven more times, and once again at 1am, but none of the seven had gone through and I was already asleep at 1am.

Can I take this moment to remind you that they were not on day four of their vacation. No no. They were on HOUR 4 of this vacation. I cannot tell you how bad I feel for the couple that they were on vacation with. Because they're about the only one having more {fun} with this that I am.

Finally, you should remember back to your own twenties and what can only be called "Emotional Whiplash." I checked on her this morning, to see if she was okay and to make sure I didn't need to pick out an outfit to wear on GMA when I told the story of my sister that disappeared in Cabo, and got the following response:


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  1. I was sort of feeling sorry for your sister until I saw the last text screen. Ridiculous. DRAMA QUEEN! Wish I were in Cabo right about now :)



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