Sunday, December 02, 2012

December 2

Today was a crazy busy day of nothing particularly holiday-ish.

And starting tomorrow, I'm going to be away from my Dec daily stash and my interwebs in the afternoons/evenings for three whole days.

I'll still be taking pictures and working it all out in my head, but I may not be posting.

Here's today's layout:
Opening up to the spread for the day

This was my actual to do list today
Pictures of four of the chores I did today
Inside of the spread
My journaling. I'm going to add something
to the space at the bottom.
I'm going to add "laundry helper" at the top of this
with the white thickers from the other page
A better shot of the focus picture

 Things I'm dealing with from this layout:
- I hate my handwriting in this, but I will not let that stop me or get me hung up. I will push forward through that.
- The printing of the larger images is not working out like I'd like. It's not clear, and it's sucking my (more expensive than the printer itself) color ink dry. I'm probably going to upload once a week to persnickity prints and then put it in the album.

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