Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Teenage sitting. Also called life in a car

My primary job for this early part of the week is driver. I'm sitting with a teenager, and I am hired to make sure that she is here and there and at every place her completely over-scheduled life demands.

So I totally thought that while she was at dance yesterday, and then piano today and dance again today (different dance) that I would be able to sneak home and stay caught up with my Dec daily.

But then life happened. Yesterday, when I went into my classroom and turned on my tree, the lights did not come on. This could not be allowed. So, yesterday while she was hip-hopping and balleting and jazzing, I went in search of a new classroom tree.

Not to worry. I had two hours tonight, and my poor planning (cold front? day spent outside? no phone charger?) required I head back to my apartment for the night while she was in drill tream practice. So I could totally get a page at least done, and uploaded, and posted.

Except I forgot one key piece of information also regarding this week.

I was teaching long division. Perhaps you remember that long division is the hardest thing I teach. I complained whined wrote about it here, and again here. So, um, yeah.

I got back to my place today with a raging headache, and promptly fell sound asleep on the couch. At 5:50 in the evening. And if I didn't have to go back to pick up the teenager from the last place I left her, I would have gone straight to bed without passing go or collecting $299.

So, I'm still taking pictures, and the pages are coming together in my head... it's just going to have to wait until Thursday to make it to here.

**updated: where's my phone charger? That's right. Still at my apt. Guess I will spend another night with a phone plugged in to a computer plugged into the wall. #classy #problemsolved.

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