Monday, January 07, 2013

Project Life: The method to prevent the madness

First, a fun little one for you: The Huffington Post {which aside- I'm finding myself loving more and more lately} has put together the top tweets by women in 2012. Some are political, and some are {very} racy, with some inappropriate language, and some I don't even get, but some are SO funny I found myself LOLing.

Now, on to PL.

The Album:
I don't have a craft room. I have a craft closet, next to a small desk with drawers that are glued on/closed as they were casualties of the last move.While I'm not working on the project, I leave it splayed out on the small table. This picture doesn't show the couple of piles that I typically keep on top of the book. (I use the lid and bottom of the big pack of page protectors to keep all of my supplies.)

My week as far as PL goes is Monday-Sunday. The main reason that I'm doing this is that I found a calendar to use each week in my title card, and it was done Mon-Sun. This is also how I tend to live my weeks, so it works. To plan out the layouts,  I use a template I downloaded somewhere. Somewhere cool on the interwebs. It's very handy indeed.


During the week, I take pictures wherever/whenever I think I might want to include in the PL album. Today, I took two screenshots, 3 iPhone pictures, and two pictures. All for today. So far, I'll probably use one of the photos, and possibly a photo/screenshot combo. It just depends on how the week plays out.

In starting this project, I didn't want to tie myself to a photo-a-day format. I want to document my week, my life. So, I will probably take the top six or seven pictures from the week and include/journal those. I've created a 4 x 6 template in Elements to hold some of those miscellaneous shots or phone pics or instagrams... whatever I want to do. It's my book and it's up to me.

**One thing I make sure to do: take pictures from my camera to my computer and do any editing at night. I surf the interwebs a bit at night, and it doesn't take too much for me to  put the day's photos on there.

In my PL research, several people mentioned an app called Day One. It's $5, but it's worth every penny. It documents pictures, when they are taken (time-stamped) as well as location, temperature, etc. I can type things here and there as the day goes very easily. It even reminds me every night to journal my day. Priceless app.

Journaling/Filler cards:
I want the Seafoam kit, but it's not on sale until this coming weekend. So I had to improvise. In my Black Friday round of PL purchases, I bought the 3 x 4 grid journaling cards, and I love them. I will probably order another pack this weekend when I order my kit.

I also went online and ordered the digital Seafoam title and filler cards. I then edited them (changed some of the sizes, etc.) and put two filler cards on a 4 x 6 template, and had them printed at the local photo place. I was very glad to find that Walmart can print matte photos (my preference) in their instant printer. I will eventually print two weeks at a time, but right now I'm able to keep up, so I print on Saturdays.

Right now:
Right now, my album (specifically my journaling) is not where I want it to be {which is: perfect}. I keep telling myself that I will look on this in a few months and be amazed at how the whole thing has evolved as I have gotten comfortable with it.

I just keep telling myself that.

Complete pages:
I'd like to share my complete pages on The Mom Creative's weekly Project Life Tuesday post. We'll see if I get it done by then. So far- I'm behind on journaling from last week. Sigh.

I just really want to embrace this project, and HOPE I can do so without being to hard on myself.

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