Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Project Life 2013 {week 1}

I was all set to get most of this post done last night, but I'm babysitting, and didn't get my papers graded in time to pull out the computer. (I have to give myself boundaries or I will never get anything done.)

I had every intention of getting this done and up first thing this morning, but then life and snow and teaching happened, so it's not getting up until well after school.

I am new to Project Life. I wrote about that here. I also showed off my title page here.

I have gotten The Aunt, her friend, and another of her friends to drink the kool-aid and jump into project life as well. I'm so excited!

This whole project has come with some challenges. I'll address those at the bottom of the post.
Without further ado, here's my week one:

Left Page Spread

Right side of my week

Close ups:
 My title page will always look very similar to this... a filler card (that I think I have to create every week), with a stripe of ribbon or washi, a calendar (that I've already printed out for the year) and a sticker or thicker to denote the week.

Then, I included a picture of Daisy, because I could do a whole album of her, and a picture of my New Year's Day tradition and a journaling card about it.

 The big thing taking my time and focus this week off was getting ready for Project Life, so I documented it there.

On one of my days, it was full with lots of fun adventures.
The left journal is part of the take out menu from the restaurant I ate lunch at, which is also pictured below.

The other journal card is a list of all of the things I did during the day.

 For this side, I documented my trip to the museum. I took quite a few pictures, but this one was my favorite. Parking was a NIGHTMARE, so I documented that on the little orange card. I used a filler card from the digital kit (that I downloaded to use until I get my physical kit).

I also put a picture of Daisy outside, on the patio where she loves. The sun finally came out.

One thing I really want to do is document part of Daisy's life as well. She's such a huge part of my life.
 And finally, the other part of my right side layout. The top picture is of me sewing, which is a VERY RARE occurrence. I used a phone picture of the completed project. Well, half of the completed project. The other side was simply a filler card, that tied into the bottom picture. This was a montage of a few things going on that week: excessive Downton Abbey watching, prepping food to go back to work, the weather, and Daisy doing what she's doing best: snoozing. 

 My challenges:
- I want it all to be perfect. But I know I'll never get there, so I just keep telling myself that later on I will look back on these early pages of Project Life and love how far I've come.
- I don't like my handwriting on this project. In real life, I love my handwriting, but for some reason, in my journaling, I prefer to do it digitally. Sigh.
- My core kit hasn't arrived yet! (But, per Fed Ex, it's coming tomorrow. Tomorrow!!)

My biggest challenge: What to put in the album and what not to put in the album.

See, I live a rather mundane life, and while I want to document even the mundane, I have to ask myself if something is really project life worthy. (I got a new toothbrush! I had chicken for dinner! Picture #8357435 of Daisy sleeping on my feet!) I'm guessing that, too, will evolve over time.

Or my life will just get more exciting! (Here's hoping to that!)

The Mom Creative

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