Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Zombies and stay-cations

I wouldn't say I'm behind on Project Life, per se, but I'm not exactly caught up either.

And I'm most certainly not caught up here on the bloggity blog.

I actually had to check this place to see what week I last photographed/documented.

I'm hoping to work on it while I'm documenting my epic Spring Break stay-cation, but in the meantime, I'm hanging with my family, my snoring dog, and lots of flowers and fresh veggies (farmer's market, y'all), finding every pound I've lost in the last two weeks, and most importantly, napping.

Napping a lot.

And in case I didn't have a big enough scrap-crush on Cathy Zielske, she went and created THIS:


And yes, because of reading her last blog post, I did indeed spend some time googling Daryl Dixon images.
Time well spent.

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