Sunday, March 17, 2013

project life {week 7}

Getting back on track with completing and sharing pages.
Week 7 today, week 8 tomorrow.
Week 9 and 10... um... later...

Here's week 7 {Valentine's Day week}:

A little blurring to protect the privacy of the people who don't know I do this whole bloggity blog thing.

Here's the Left Side:

 For the most part, aside from babysitting, my weeks are pretty routine. This week I included:
- a card from a friend in Lubbock who drank the Project Life kool-aid,
- a picture of the envelope that was sent "postage due".
- I also had a training on Tuesday, so I took a screenshot of the phone call between me and KC, just catching up on a day of not seeing each other. Neither of us are phone people, so it was unusual for us to spend 40 minutes on the phone.
- I bought a tablet for creative design things I think I'm going to do, but haven't done much of anything with it since then.

Right side:

I included a drawing that a student made for me. She's from Korea, and an EXCEPTIONAL artist.
I still love Daisy's valentine's picture (from last year) and also included a tweet I sent out Valentine's morning when I was trying to get a teenager out of the house and didn't think I'd make it to work.
The bottom Valentine (from my "favorite student") took me forever to figure out who it was from, and then I documented the weekend: our church Children's Retreat. And the warning ticket I got on the way home.

Tomorrow, I'll show you week 8, in which I start including inserts and cannot stop myself.


  1. That hand drawn valentine is really neat. What a nice project life!

  2. I love how you have included so much memorabilia. It gives your Project Life so much depth and seems so personal. It is the best kind of scrapbooking, I think! And will be loved in the years to come.



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