Saturday, March 16, 2013

The view from Saturday

Three boys.
Seven days.
Seven nights.

Let the games begin.

Currently, there are four boys in the house. Older {middle} brother and friend are working on a self-initiated minecraft project that may well never be done.

Little brother is alternating between watching Sherlock Holmes {Game of Shadows} and killing some animated figure repeatedly on his iPhone 5.

Teenaged boy {mini-me} is alone in his room, which I know can be suspicious, but can be no worse than the time I found him in the garage using the circular saw unauthorized.

And I am enjoying the view from the chair, once stretched out with my feet on the couch, now curled up under a thick, heavy blanket and reading a positively enchanting book {The Night Circus} that I simply cannot put down.

We might just survive this week.

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