Monday, May 20, 2013

{project life} week 10

Week 10 and I'm still loving this project.
(Elisa Blaha Cripe says that every week, and I love it.)

This week, I started adding some elements of the Olive kit that I received.
I have bought too much project life stuff. I need an intervention.

On to week 10...

Documenting: Open House schedule, random assembly, Book Fair, getting sickly, and giving the talk at Wyldlife

Full spread:

Left Side:

Right Side:

Loved: giving the camera to Jamie to have her take a picture of me (and having friends who get the whole documenting life thing); the digital elements (open house schedule and "longest week ever"- which it was); blending seafoam and olive, digital and paper

Meh: nothing, really. I kinda like this week's layout.

Next week, however, is MY FAVORITE so far.

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