Tuesday, May 21, 2013

{project life} week 11- My FAVORITE

This week was my favorite week to document.
So much so, I had FOUR inserts.

Documenting: Spring Break with family. Which was absolutely perfect.

Full Page Spread:

Left Side:

Right side:

Before I go any further, I LOVED the journal cards that I printed off. They gave the week a sense of continuity that carried throughout the week. I also loved the bottom right picture of me making a list. I was babysitting again, and can only show so many pictures of a packed suitcase. 

Also, fun fact: that dog in the picture is not Daisy. The family I sit for has a black and white shih tzu named Oreo that looks very much like a larger version of Daisy. 

Now for the inserts. I always take TONS of pictures for things like this, and I LOVED how my inserts turned out this week. 

Funny enough, the pictures of the inserts came out completely blurry, and it's too late in the evening to retake the pictures. 

Day One: A day in Grapevine and a dinner (and a show) at Kobe steakhouse:

Day Two: a paint it yourself place with all the ladies in the family (God help us and the instructor!)

Day Three: The Arboretum, and then some girl time with Katiebug:

Day Four: The Farmer's Market (loved the vibrant colors), and some really good BBQ

Best Project Life week ever. Best week ever. 

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  1. love it! that was prob my favorite week I did too



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