Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Little bits of life.

Life and summer are both floating along swimmingly as of late, and I've fallen into a lovely little routine. It's nothing like the routine that I envisioned before summer started, but I'll take it nonetheless. Here are a few bits and pieces:

- had coffee with KC and her baby girl yesterday. It was so cold in the Starbucks that I actually had to go back outside and get the pink blanket out of the trunk of my car and wrap up like a burrito while we chatted. She just got back from Harry Potter world, and I'm beyond jealous. 

- an old friend(ish) is spending six weeks in Guatemala, and I am so jealous. And also tired of hearing Kelly Clarkson on the radio. Yes, those two things are related. 

- Even though I still stick to my "no tv past 9pm" rule, I am still up past my bedtime every night, because I'm playing a stupid game on my iPad. It was one of the apps gone free, and I bought it and haven't been the same since. Think a word search on crack. 

- I've recently discovered The Graham Norton show thanks to BBC America, and it is wicked-funny. So much laughing. 

- I'm reading more, now that it's summer, and I am better for it. Just finished The Paris Wife, and while it was extremely interesting about Hemingway, the book itself was so very melodramatic, and, teaching fourth grade, I'm all melodramatic-ed out. 

- Because I'm reading more, my list of books to read is eight miles long. Right now, the umpteenth reading of Gatsby is up. Love the story. Then, The Summer We Read Gatsby. And then I'm going to take some time for some YA fun. 

- Music is so good right now, and I'm plugged in every chance I get. New Vampire Weekend CD- very good. Fav new artist: The Lone Bellow. 

- Tomorrow, I leave my summer job and go back to my real job for two days. I'm at a training, and I've got to get up early. And I don't like it. One bit. 

- I was going to add more to this list, but I've since done other things and now forgotten them. 

- Every day this week my to-do list has contained one thing: get the bathroom clutter and chaos under control. It's still on my to-do list for tomorrow. 

- I've also discovered BuzzFeed, and have since cut my productivity in half and doubled my time wasted on websites. It's awesome. 

- I have not cleaned out my car since I brought things home from school for the summer. It's rather frightening back there. I could hold class, print things from my computer, and show you where things are on a full-sized pull-down map of Texas, the USA, and the World. Think back to your classroom and you'll know what I mean. 

-Seriously. There was something else. And I really can't remember what it is. 


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  1. that thing you forgot - love me! right?.... right?!...JO you awake?...hello? damn she must be sleeping :-)



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