Thursday, June 27, 2013


I'm blogging this from my phone, while sitting in the middle of a sea of clothes, while my teenager peruses the racks for tribal prints and maxi dresses. We are at Forever 21, a store that makes me feel perpetually 51.

See, KellsBells is mine for a week and a half. She came Sunday, is staying and helping at VBS, and then we're heading back to Lubbock together on Tuesday afternoon.

After VBS we had a quick lunch, and battled the beast that is 635, and arrived here at the mother-ship. She mentioned she wanted to come here, and I gladly obliged, since she indulged me in my afternoon naps both yesterday and Monday, and was all-to-willing to do so again today if I really wanted to nap. 

The Aunt and I frequently joke that the kid who apparently has a problem with me calling her KellsBells is actually my child. This observation is usually made after she has made some smart-aleck, sassy remarked, or after she has licked her mother or sister in protest of something or other. (What can I say? I'm a licker, not a fighter). 

But I'm really noticing more and more this week how she is so my kid, and has my laid-back attitude. She is quite content doing whatever I want to do, even if it is not what she wants to do. Simple questions like "what so you want for lunch?" are answered with "I don't care", and I know she doesn't. She knows I don't eat any food she herself wouldn't eat, so she's happy to let me choose. (I am also learning how challenging it is when I respond with"I don't care", even when I really don't care where we eat since I'm going primarily for the company. )

We're halfway through a good week. Save trying to get her up in the mornings, we've been getting along great and I'm loving having her here. We've gone to the movies (Monsters U), painted pottery, gone shopping, napped, swam, and I am thinking we're heading to the waterpark tomorrow to celebrate the end of VBS. We've still got go-karts and concerts to head to, as well as a special little road trip to Lubbock to take the baby home.

Her momma misses her.

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