Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday morning sillies

I've got a blog post coming, in which I whine and complain about the training I went to on Thursday and Friday. It comes complete with snarky ecards. Just you wait.

Until then, I'm completely cleaning my apartment because tomorrow, Kells Bells is getting on a plane all by herself and heading my direction for a week of groupon-induced shenanigans.

Here's your Saturday morning sillies for the week:

Daisy never went to obedience school because I'm a teacher
and I prefer to keep her off the pole. 
This is something she would do. See caption above. 

I actually edited out the bad word in this, but I'll let you imagine it in your head. 


Why would I include this?
Because my mother had this pattern.
And sewed me this jumper.
And my sister one to match.
We are eleven years apart.
And we matched.
And I thought I looked awesome.

 And finally, in honor of Kells Bells coming to visit...

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