Friday, June 07, 2013

No more BBQ. Ever.

So, let's talk about yesterday and last night.
See, I blogged too soon.

Remember the part where I was all achey from moving, and trying not to throw up? I'll admit at the time, I thought I was being a little dramatic.

But when the chills started, and the nausea came on full-force, I knew I may be a little more than just tired.

And at 3am, when I was hugging the toilet in my bathroom, begging God to just take me now (okay- little dramatic), I knew this was more than just a little exhaustion.

And when my fever spiked to 102 at 6am this morning, I knew very much I was battling some sort of flu. Ugh.

Let's recap this end-of-the-year shall we?
For teacher appreciation, I got pink eye. 
Now, for an end of the year gift, I got a stomach flu.

I'm just glad it's over.

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