Thursday, June 06, 2013

Today was the last day of school

This will be a short post. A very short post.

See you tomorrow. (Just kidding).

I'm sitting laying on my couch trying not to cry. It's not that I miss my kids this year (I promise you, I don't).

I'm just trying to keep it together because I am so physically exhausted and I don't want to throw up.
I got to work at 7:15 this morning. I got home less than 45 minutes ago.

It was a half-day for the students, but a full day, plus another workday for us. Meaning, in order for us not to have to work tomorrow, we had to work four hours past our contract day, which ended at 3:30.

So, once the kids left, I had seven hours left of work. And work I did.
The other four members of my team worked hard and diligently to get their rooms done by 12:30. They then had seven hours to kill. I did not, so I had seven hours of work left. KC and G leapt in and helped and we had the best afternoon, and laughed much harder than is typically allowed during school hours. Words and goats cannot express how grateful I am for their help and friendship.

But y'all. I'm so tired and achey and physically exhausted I just can't do anything but go to bed.

So, until tomorrow. When I head back up to school and finish the mess work I started today.

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