Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Scenes from the last week in May

I got a text from one of my favorite 3boymoms mentioning my posting about the last week of school. I haven't written this week because I've been exhausted every night, but then staying up on my iPad until 11 and 11:30 because I have no respect for tomorrow. 

For last week's project life, I did something I every once in a while do on this here blog, and that is create a "Scenes from..." 

Here are the scenes from the second to the last week of school:
Why wouldn't I have a fever the last week in May?

As the other teachers rattled off the list of kids
that had to sit out part of recess because
 we are THAT crazy this time of year,
I had to make notes on my phone.
This does not include my list. 

They left the room a DISASTER one day after school,
and it did not go unnoticed. I raised them better than this.

My teaching table might have needed some attention as well.
Keepin' it real. 

What time I left work on Friday afternoon

How mild it has been this end-spring.
And yes, for Texas, 90 in May is mild.

And finally, what time I go to bed on Fridays in May.
And several other months as well. 

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