Thursday, January 23, 2014

Around Here

This is what my nightstand looks like after I cleaned it off. Aside from the fact that it's cheapy cheap from IKEA, it's covered with different colored pens and project life doodads.

And pencils.

And a blue pencil sharpener.

I went to use my $10 off of $25 purchase at Old navy, and came up about a dollar short on hitting the $25 mark.

I had to hastily come up with something that would push me over the dollar, but not end up costing too much more.

I picked these bad boys out.

I. can't. wait...

... to feed some to my dog and see what happens.

Today one of G's kids made this most sincere declaration:
"I think I am going to glue like normal today."
She didn't.

Speaking of G's kids...

He was sadly mistaken.


SO not a 100.

This one was actually from one of my own kiddos.

She not only missed the point of the lesson, but started to question authority towards the end.

She turned it in this way, as if "why does the cup matter?!?!" were the actual correct answer.

I'm recreating some new games and sorts for math, so my living room is covered in laminated little shards of paper, and my Project Life paper cutter has been recruited into fourth grade work.

And I've got another huge card game laminated that needs to be cut out.


Last night at church, we learned about the Bible.

And Jesus.

And God.

And Pokemon.

Specifically Pikachu.

(I prefer a well-rounded curriculum.)
This morning I went to Starbucks for my daily cup of joe, I saw these caramel packets sitting on the counter.

It was like someone pulled back the curtain to Oz.

I didn't like it.

Also, I've got less than a hundred pages left in my latest book, and while I don't necessarily feel like I have to finish it tonight, and I'm really rather sleepy, there's a chance I will finish yet another one this week.

Spoiler: I'm not all that excited about this one.

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