Sunday, January 19, 2014


I really was going to write before tonight. 
But on Friday, I went to an overnight "retreat", and then I came home and slept until today. 
(Seriously- I came home and slept from 3-6 and then again from 8-8). "Sleeping" overnight (in 45 minute increments) on a thin plastic mattress on a homemade bunk bed really did me in. 

Thank goodness I don't have to go to work tomorrow. I mean, I have about two and a half days' worth of work to accomplish tomorrow, but I don't have to do it whilst being interrupted by ten year olds. 

But, it's Sunday night, and before I start another book (my 3rd of 2014?!), I thought I'd share about the one I just finished.

I finished this one on Thursday too. I'm reading a book a week, something I haven't done since grade school.

It helps that they're all Young Adult books (9th grade and up), and could also fall easily under the term "chick lit."

I really did like this book, and I found myself cheering for the main characters, even though I knew full well they would end up together and live happily ever after. This author is slow to get started, but once the plot starts moving, I do like what she does with the characters.

Why did I like this book so much? Here's a little taste:

"...wondering what his name is. And whether he's as nice as he seems. And whether he likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain."
That's something I myself would wonder about someone. And have. Many times.

The problem with this book? The fact that I was reading it.

See, one of the main things going on in this book is that the main guy (Lincoln) is falling in love with the main girl (Beth), without her ever knowing that he knows she exists. She sees him from afar, and develops a crush on him, but never realizes until the end (see: happily ever after) that he has been in love with her all along.

That's the worst thing a single girl can read. Because it's more than a little bit our single-girl dream. I want to think someone has noticed me from afar and pines away for me, and will one day have the nerve to tell me he's fallen for me.

But we all know that isn't going to happen, so while the ending is very happily ever after, finishing the book and going back to reality is not quite as sweet.

And yes, I did just download another book from my never-ending list of books to read. And it's YA, so I will probably be done by Thursday. Again.

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