Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Around here: Optimus Prime, vacuums, and cookies gone awry

I've been meaning to blog, but we've had something come up that has challenged our little classroom community, so I've been out of sorts in sending emails and talking to littles. 

 I spent some quality time this weekend with Iron Man. 

When he was not being Iron Man, he was being Optimus Prime. 

I got a little extra money this weekend and on Monday after school, 
I went straight to Target to buy a vacuum cleaner. 
I used to be fun once. 

It was my turn to make snack today, and so last night, 
I baked again for the first time in quite a while.  
I found a recipe for thumb print cookies, 
and put gummy hearts in them instead of jam. 

It did not go well. Not only was it not pretty, 
it tasted weird to have the shortbread mixed with the 
sweet, sugary gummy-ness. 

So I threw them away. 

Only, someone got into the trash while I was away at school. 
I came home to find this and one very hyper puppy. Ridiculously hyper puppy.

 Tomorrow, I bring you greetings from Mother Russia,
and discuss why God hates Thursdays. 

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