Thursday, February 06, 2014

Why does Jesus hate Thursdays?

I have morning duty every Thursday morning, in which I stand outside and make sure kids go into the building in a timely manner without getting hit by a car.

Let's recap the temperatures for all of the Thursdays in January:
25, 40, 35, 25, 32

And then there was today:

Knowing I would be standing outside in the "feels like 6" degree temperatures, I saved my dress pants for today, wore socks with my dress shoes for the first time in forever, and donned not one, but two scarves. (I also learned last Thursday not to wear my hair down. Wind resistance is futile.)

The local weather guy said we'd see some snow flurries at around 9am, but the weather channel app said that we'd see a light dusting starting at 7:30, right in the throes of morning duty. 

I walked outside, and found this: 

Apparently we're overachievers here in the big city. 

It was coming down at a good pace, so I headed to the Starbucks (where I had to pay- eewww), before getting to school. 

Upon walking from the parking lot into the school, I'd say it was a smudge more than a dusting. 

When we had projected snow earlier in the winter, my mom (bless her heart) said "oh! At least you'll get a snow day!" 

I reminded her that it was a common misconception that we get snow days. We get ice days. 

So, on days like today:

I get to try to teach my kids to turn fractions into decimals while big white flakes are getting their attention more than me, seven tenths, or ninety-two hundredths. 

And, of course, there's the parents that don't check their kids' clothing on the way out the door in the morning, so their kid has a short-sleeved shirt and shorts on in 20 degrees-but-feels-like-6 weather saying "It's not that cold outside."

To which I responded with this today (actual words):
“If ONE MORE PERSON says ‘it’s not that cold outside’ I will resort to violence. You are not cold because you had to walk into the building. I had to stand outside for 24 minutes. I can’t feel my toes and I’m covered in snow. IT IS COLD OUTSIDE.”
And then. THEN! 

When it hadn't stopped the thick snow by noon, the school district decided to let school out early due to worsening conditions. 

Fifteen minutes early. (yes. you read that right.)

In our school, that sends the parents into a veritable TIZZY, so while I started the day with 19 students, I ended the day with 6 (and three were teacher's kids). 

It was that kind of day. 

I never even got to teach my third class, because by the time it would have started, I'd lost about a third of the class, and the school was still bleeding children. 

I did come home to find (more snow) and a cute little bit of evidence that the birds had indeed spent the cold day on my patio as they have taken to doing lately. 

And I brought home a crap-ton of stuff to do in the event of a snow day tomorrow, and I want one so badly I can taste it, but I don't think we'll get one.

Of course, this graphic was on the 5pm news:

God help us.

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