Friday, February 28, 2014

What the H@#$ happened to February?

HOW is tomorrow March 1st?

February has run away from me, and in true New Year style, my goals were severely neglected.
As in, ignored and pretended they didn't exist.

But I am a creature of habit, so here's my monthly rundown:

Huh. I actually did move more 
Twice. And it was a lot. More on that later.
 Eat well? Uh... pleading the fifth. 

Fail. In January, I read 3 books. In February, exactly zero. 
In January, I wrote 25 posts. In February, eight. (Well, 9 now...)
And way way way too much screen. 

The apt is a little cleaner, but the TV is still hiding behind the couch. 
It probably will be for quite some time. 

Well, I got most of the closet cleaned out. 
And piled onto the dining room table. 
I still need to get a lot more cleaned out. 
Like the aforementioned tv in the dining room. 

And my one second a day for February...
(this video just will.not.load. Sorry.)

Here's to more in March.

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