Monday, March 03, 2014

Dear Snow Day,

My Dearest Snow Day,

First, let me say that I prayed for you. I knew, if I believed hard enough, you would come to me. I didn't know if you would come in the night (before), or in the early hours of the morning, but I knew that eventually, you would come to me. 

At first, I wasn't sure you'd come on Monday (today). I knew Sunday would be a wash, so I made a long list of things to do while I was hunkered down at home. I was detailed so that I wouldn't forget anything and could stay home all day Sunday and enjoy you.

While we knew that Sunday would be wintry, 
the jury was still out on the status of Monday. 
Then, mid-way through the second service of church, 
I received this notification: 
 I might have smacked the person running the controls next to me and said "LOOK!" 
I'd already been giving him weather updated every ten-to-fifteen minutes,
 so my exuberance was not unexpected. 

Just before leaving church, I checked my phone again: 

Light freezing rain it was. And sleet. Oh the beautiful sleet. 
(On the ground- not as it pelted my face).  

When I got to my car, this is what awaited me:
 Thankfully, I had some red hot ice melter, and not one,
but two ice scrapers. December's debacle taught me something. 
P.S. You want to see Jesus in action? Go to a church parking lot
during an ice event and see a bunch of men freezing their ice scrapers off
while helping other motorists (specifically women and families) 
scrape the ice off their windshields. True story.

I knew immediately that three errands would be pushing it, so I nixed the run to Academy, and focused on the Target. I needed face cream, eye liner, and all the things I would want for a snowy day indoors. Totinos? Check. Mt. Dew? Check.
Why did I buy bread? It seemed like the right thing to do.

I came home to this view and knew a wonderful afternoon awaited me. 
An afternoon, like Christmas Eve, of wondering if you'd come or not, Snow Day. 

In a moment of doubt late in the evening , I buckled and graded some papers. 
Rumors were swirling that the roads were fine,
and you would skip over our district once more. 
As the news came out that you were visiting all of the other districts 
in the metroplex, there was much speculation amongst me and KC:
And then! News was spread throughout the land that you had come!
You were here! There was much celebration, not only that you'd come, 
but that you'd come in the night instead of the wee hours of the morning, 
when we were already awake and ready for school!

So, Snow Day, in honor of you, I have vowed to do it right and
 honor you in the best way I know how. 

We slept in. 7am on a Monday never felt so good. 
We went straight from the bed to the couch, 
nestled under the electric blanket. 
We have taken it slow, watching GMA and enjoying our cereal.
We have put in a load of laundry. 
We're about to grade a few more papers 
and clean house a little more. 

Later today, if the roads are better, we're going to go to Academy.
We're going to run by school and make some copies. 
We're going to go to the grocery store and get some food for the week. 
A girl cannot exist on Totino's and Mt. Dew alone. 
Well, she can, but she shouldn't. 

But in everything I do today, I'm going to try to honor you the best way I can. 

I've waited all season for you to come, Snow Day. 
Thank you.

You're most devoted fan,
Wild and Precious 
(and her little dog, too)

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