Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The story behind the picture: {vol. 3}

Today is a very special day, and not just because 10 years ago today Mean Girls debuted.
Today, KatieBug turns 18.
Holy crap I'm old.

I'm choosing her for the story behind the picture today, because this picture/story is a hilarious memory for us.

When she was 5-ish, we went to the State Fair. As you can see by both of our outfits, overalls were quite the fashion 13-ish years ago. We were walking from here to there, and we came across a booth for the local hard gangsta rap station. They were doing some sort of promotion, and they were asking people to hula hoop for them. I can't remember what the prizes were, but a gangsta-rap-logo'ed fanny pack comes to mind.

We almost walked right past it, but KatieBug wanted to try to hula hoop. The booth guy, seen above sporting the cornrow/pigtails combo, thought it would be cute for the little white girl with the pigtails and fringed overalls to try it out. Unbeknownst to him, KatieBug was the hula hoop champion of basically the free world. This girl could hula hoop.

The hilarity of it all was the astonishment on all of the station booth guys at her hula hooping prowess. The girl kept going. And going. And going. Hula hoop after hoop after hoop. Lest you think I'm being a little racially insensitive above, note it was the guy with the pigtails that started the "Go White Girl" chant that we repeated for the rest of the trip.

As for the birthday girl?
 She's beautiful. Inside and outside. 
 She's tech savvy. Especially on an iPad. 
She's so freaking photogenic, even when she's not trying. 
 She oozes style. 
 She is a hard worker and is nice.
(to most people). 
 She freaking loves this horse head. 
 She has the hair of a goddess (always has).
 She's loud and ridiculous and hilarious and bonkers. 
Despite the many times I've threatened to sell her to gypsies, 
she's a keeper and I'm loving watching her to grow up to be one of us. 

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