Monday, June 30, 2014

I am failing at summer.

*I wrote this sometime about a week ago. And apparently never pushed "publish"*

Alright, I admit the title may be a little dramatic.

Since writing it, I've taken a nap, and have a bit of a better grasp.

Summer has been in effect for exactly two weeks: ten days. (I don't count weekends)

Why do I feel like I have failed?

Because I'm busy.
Super busy.

Some of it is my summer job, but most of it is not.

I have been babysitting multiple times. Sometimes KC's kids, sometimes not. Either way, I really like both sets of kids. They're really cool kids to hang out with.

I've been heading to the parents house and helping them with this and that.
KC has moved, so I'm helping some with that.

But I'm just absolutely exhausted.

Summer fails:
- I have not blogged as much as I wanted to.
- My mantle has glittery reindeer on it.
- My patio has exactly no plants on it.
- Tonight (Friday) was my first nap since Sunday. That is NOT okay during the summer.
- I have not had ONE single snow cone since school got out.

Summer successes:
- last week, I took a nap
- I have watched the entire two seasons of Orange is the New Black. I loved it, but was ready for it to be done towards the end. I finally caved and signed in to Netflix.
- I have been in the pool. Twice. And, with little kids- it is really fun. No sarcasm. It is actually fun.
- Lunch with my bestest group of girlfriends.

In lieu of a summer manifesto, like I did last year, I found this great printable that organizes it a little better for me. It is a manifesto of sorts, but right now, it's my new favorite thing, and hopefully with it, I won't fail at summer so badly (or maybe just be less dramatic).

Let's do this.

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