Thursday, August 07, 2014

The Giver, the next book, and all the thoughts...

Finished The Giver.
Liked it.
Trying not to want to read the other three in the series, but they would be quick reads, so they might.
I'm waiting patiently for the movie to come out next week so Moses and I can go see it.

A while back, I read The Fault in Our Stars. It was a hard read, especially since a friend was dying of cancer at the time, so I kind of grieved through that book. (Even if it did have Dawson's Creek Syndrome).

Next up on the book list is was the book "If I Stay."
It's about a girl who is in a head-on collision and goes into a coma and has an out of body experience of some sort, and has to decide if she dies or goes back to her life.

I've heard good things about it, and the movie is coming out the week after The Giver.
I downloaded it on the kindle before I was halfway through The Giver, and got about a page in (not exaggerating) before I decided to be a grown up and read my summer homework book from school, The Energy Bus. (The whole district is reading it, and we're hearing the author as one of our inservice days).  This was all on Sunday night.

Then, on Monday, a friend of mine, from school, was in a head-on collision. Right now, she's in the hardest part of the aftermath, and every day we wait with bated breath for updates. We are still in the "praying she lives" phase, and not even thinking about the "what happens next" phase.

She drove me crazy some times, but at heart she is an encourager. She was a late bloomer, not even marrying until 36 and not having a kiddo until 38. She always throws herself as an example to me of someone getting their desires late in life. She also believes (and tells me often) that if God didn't have marriage planned for me, He wouldn't have put it in my heart. (Also- I don't believe her, but appreciate the encouragement.)

I'm going to put this book on hold, and read The Energy Bus like I'm supposed to. It's a little bit safer. Rule #1 is "you are the driver of your bus," meaning you are responsible for the energy you bring in this place. So, I walked in on Monday (before the accident) and told KC- I'm responsible for the energy of this bus. It's negative energy, and I'm bringing you all down with me.

I'm going to go check Facebook one more time...

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