Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ten on the Tenth: August

I remembered it was the tenth when it was actually the tenth, 
so I grabbed a snapshot of life in August on the tenth of the month:

7ish- heading to church with Starbucks in hand

8ish- running down the service before the masses get there  

9ish- mapping out my to do list for the day 

10ish- preacher preaching (no picture)
11ish- preacher preaching (no picture)

12ish- home for lunch (B wants some) 

1ish- resting and watching something or other 

2ish- napping (no picture)
3ish- napping (no picture)
4ish- waking up from nap, etc. (no picture)

5ish- headed out to Target for some school supplies 

6ish- heading back to the house-sitting to let the dogs out

7ish- eating a gourmet dinner 

8ish- rewatching Outlander with horrible reception 

9ish- settling in for the night and reading. 
Four little doggies all in a row 

For the tenth of September, I'll be at school and sitting on some not-so-little babies. 
(I do marvel at how each month looks so different from the one before it.)

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