Thursday, August 14, 2014

There were three in the bed and the little one said...

"...get away from me or I will bite your mother-puppin' face off!"

That was Daisy talking. She's got some anger issues. And a pretty salty vocabulary (I shih tzu not.)

Right now, I'm sitting on puppies. Plural. I've done it once before, where I reminded myself why I do NOT want a puppy. 

This time, it's a little different. The family is away, so I'm staying at the house, per the puppy momma's request. I didn't want my parents to have to keep Daisy, especially when I could be in and out, and not at school all day.

So, every night, I bring Daisy over to the house for our evening hang-out time and to sleep. Then, in the morning, we hang out for a few minutes, and then Daisy and I go home and I get ready for the day. During the day, Daisy chills at our place, while the puppies chill at theirs. I go let them out midday, so they get some chill time minus Daisy.

It's a little hectic, but it actually works for now.
Except for one minor detail:
Daisy is terribly bossy, even if it is not her house, her brothers, or her sister.

She's got Alpha Dog syndrome, and it is ridiculous.

Pete only wants to play, but Daisy will have NONE of that tomfoolery. He gets near her, she growls and asserts her bitchiness dominance.

This was the first night, and I don't think I got more than two consecutive hours sleep.

Anytime he would go near her, the growling would start, followed by the barking that scared the bejesus out of me from a dead sleep.

The problem is that Daisy is very used to sleeping nestled up next to me. But Pete? He's used to sleeping snuggled next to his puppy mama also. So she would be asleep, snuggled next to me, and he would snuggle next to me and she'd growl and bark.

A vicious cycle.

By night two, I found a solution. My legs are heretofore known as Switzerland.

Pete climbs up onto the little murphy bed on my left side, and gets nestled into a good sleeping position. Daisy gets the right side. My legs, stretched out down the middle (not, by the way, how I naturally sleep) serve as the border, over which no puppy may cross. Occasionally one (Pete) tries, and I have to lift my leg like I'm doing scissor exercises to keep them on their separate sides.

It's awesome, being the Republic of Switzerland.

I will say, five nights into this endeavor (only three more sleeps Praise Jesus!), a truce seems to be forming, as evidenced by this rare sighting last night:


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