Thursday, September 24, 2015

Seven things keeping me sane in September

September is hard. HARD.

It's a busy time of year for teachers, as we're just trying to find a groove to settle into. Especially hard for me this year. The district has some new technology policies that are causing a train wreck, and I've got some special goings on in my classroom. That have caused me to join the teacher's "union" to protect me.

Back in February, in the halfway point of winter, I wrote about what is saving my life in the dead of winter. I got the idea from Modern Mrs. Darcy. Today she posted about what is keeping her sane this fall, and it resonated.

Because I'm barely hanging on right now.
It started at the end of July, with my AC going out in my car, and then hit hard in August when everything went all pear-shaped with roller derby. And then school, and things are all wonky.

I'm doing okay (don't be alarmed), but it just takes more effort to stay okay now than it typically does.  So when Modern Mrs. Darcy posted Seven Things Keeping Her Sane, I had to jump on that. (So much so that I was going to look up a book on her site, but that post sent me on a whole different path today.)

Texas in September is also hard, as yesterday was the first day of fall and it was still in the 90s. Today on recess duty the sun was almost unbearable.

So, here's what is keeping me sane in September..

1. Staying on top of email... I always start the year off trying to keep my email inbox number low.

2. Afternoon pile organization... I can't exactly call it cleaning off my desk, but I organize my piles, clear off a space, and it gives me a little bit of peace in my morning.

3. Self-forgiveness... I have to give myself permission to lay on the couch at night, skip a derby practice after the dentist, and most importantly, not feel guilty about it. It has to be a conscious choice.  For example, tonight... brought home sorts of things to grade. But I'm blogging, and then I'm going to read my book. And go to bed early.  (Just kidding- it's a really good book and I'm going to be up later than I should...)

4. Chicken tacos, and other plan ahead lunches... cooking my meals for the week gives me the feeling of being prepared, and I don't have to eat from the school cafeteria.

5. Fridays at Tom Thumb... tradition. Every Friday, KC and I leave campus during our planning period and run get coffee for her and lunch for me. (I can't have the same thing five days in a row).

6. Hulu, Netflix, and never watching live television... I was really at the point that trying to watch a show live was a stressor for me, so now, even if I'm home in time to watch a show, I wait and watch it the next day. One less stressor.

7. Face wipes... taking my mascara off at the end of the night makes me feel like a grown up.

What about you? What's keeping you sane this September?

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