Sunday, October 04, 2015

Sunday Surfing v.4

Oh Lawsie.

I have entirely too many windows open on my computer. I kept hitting open in new window and then opened in new tabs there, and I think it's slowing down my computer and messing with my mouse. Says the girl with no technical interwebs knowledge whatsoever.

20 tabs spread across 4 windows.
8 Adobe Acrobat files open as well.

I'm actually writing this on Saturday, because I have reached my maximum amount of digital clutter.
Too much.
Must get some of this gone.

So, let's get some of these tabs closed:

- The Ultimate Fall To-Do List (for people who hate fall)
I can totally get behind most of these. And I am determined to find a corn maze this year.

- Joke All You Want, But My Sorority Days Were Golden.
It's true. They were golden. And pink. Very, very pink.

- Dreadlock Dad can scrapbook too.
Single dad with four kids that scrapbooks. And has very pretty arms.

- A Boyfriend Too Good To Be True.
This is a good story- and not what you'd think.

- Japanese designers create nameless paint to help children learn about colors.
As a teacher, I love this.

- The Internet Wants to Help You Take Care of Yourself.
At a time when self-care is of the utmost importance and necessity to me, this is really beautiful.
And definitely click on the Tumblr link.

- Why Are Little Kids In Japan So Independent?
I so wish this was a thing in America.
"This assumption is reinforced at school, where children take turns cleaning and serving lunch instead of relying on staff to perform such duties."

- For me to revisit later.
I love Buzzfeed.

- Socality Barbie is one of my new laughs.

- How to Lose Weight in Four Easy Steps.
This has shown up on several of the sites I visit, and it was kind of funny to me.

THIS tee shirt. It is just who I am as a person.
Well, I'll just get one of each.

There's more, but that's for another time.
I've read some articles on online dating, and those are for another post.
Tomorrow. Or Tuesday... maybe Wednesday???

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