Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Surfing v. 3

Ugh. Rough week. Lack of self-care on my part really kicked my butt.
(also- I should be grading papers now.)

It should also be known that I typically have two inter webs windows open at all times.
One has all of my school-related tabs. It's got seven open. Seriously.

Then there's the other one...
Here's what's "open in new tab" for this week:
* Which woman would you put on the bill? I haven't got the faintest idea how I would answer this question...

* Anatomy of a Scene. Very interesting look at how directors create movie scenes. And if you haven't seen Love and War, well... fix that immediately.

* If I ever got serious with the planning, I'd need ALL of these planner stamps. All of them.

* I Take my Wolfdog On Epic Adventures Because I Hate To See Dogs Locked Away. Dude. I totally get what you're saying. Some dogs are not meant to be "inside a house." But you're forgetting that some dogs are.
Exhibit A:
This is how I left her one morning when I went to work. Also, because I had to be gone all day, then at church, and then at a meeting, I swung by the house and took her to the outdoor meeting with me. She spent half of the meeting laying on her back in my lap and snoring. The other half she spent going from person to person soliciting pets and rubs. Those outdoor places that you took your wolf dog to are her definition of hell.

* How to keep track of what you're learning. I need to do this bullet journaling. It's basically a more organized, professional, and global version of my "open in new tab" system.

* Pictures of Debt. These human interest stories always interest me. Also, this is the primary reason that I won't go back to grad school as my parents would like me to do.

* Just THIS.

Things I did not include:
- I read an article on about some disrespectful thing in women's golf that made a bunch of people cry, and honestly I didn't understand a damn thing in the article.

And for a little fun:
* If Toddlers Texted.

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