Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Surfing v.2

- It has been overwhelmingly hot, and now all of a sudden it's not. I still keep walking outside into the bright sun and bracing myself- only it's not so bad anymore. It's still warm in the afternoons- it is Texas and all- but the edge has been taken off. The promise of fall is around the corner.

- Work is still kicking my arse right now, but I'm starting to get into a rhythm, which also takes the edge off. I'm slowly starting to settle.

- Last weekend I watched enough Supernatural to take the word "binge" to the bad place, so I'm taking a weekend away from it. I'm catching up on Criminal Minds and rewatching Jane Eyre. I'm also probably going to reread some Jane Austen.

- KC's big 40 is in November and I'm preparing her birthday gift this far in advance. I'm taking a cue from The Aunt's book.

- I haven't taken my after-church nap today and I'm fighting it. If I take a nap, it's not easy to go to sleep. I'm fighting it and I may not win....

Here's what's open in my tabs today:
* This shirt. I want to get it for KC as part of her birthday present. And she's a reading teacher, so there's that....

* Bachelor Party For One is hilarious. What would you do if your party plans were altered?

* Reign of a Queen. I'm not a royal watcher, but I do find it interesting.

* Which Golden Girl Are You? A quiz from an unlikely source. I took it twice with different answers and both times got Blanche. Really? (Also- where are my pictures for the week?)

* September. We're conditioned to think September is wonderful, but it's not. This article nails it on the head for me...

Finally, a favorite quote.
As a teacher, this is more true than ever:

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