Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Boy {space} Friend

I mentioned that I have a new friend.

I said that if I was looking at him through the lens of an online dating profile, I would pass right over him. I wouldn't look twice, would write him off, and would miss an incredibly awesome and creative person. 

I also might have said this:
We're just friends. If he asked for more (which I doubt he will, as I think he's got a bit of a crush on one of the other derby girls), I would not hesitate to spend any time with him that I could because he's an amazing human being.
While he's not explicitly asking for "more," he is asking me to spend a lot of time with him.
And I don't hesitate to say yes.

When he asked me to meet him for dinner, I said yes, even though I'd already eaten and would be out way past my bed time.

When a friend invited all the derby people to celebrate her birthday, and he asked if I wanted to go with him, I said yes, even though I wouldn't be leaving my house until 10pm and had absolutely no desire to go anywhere but under my covers.

When he asked me to paint- and not the fun painting, like a canvas, but the boring painting, like a bunch of cinder blocks- I said yes, even though I'd be painting cinder blocks and making a complete mess of myself. (Don't worry- we went to a delicious dinner and he bought me ice cream afterwards...)

I'm not sure where this is going.
He's not my boyfriend. He's a boy, and he's my friend.
He is a boy {space} friend. 

He's a boy {space} friend that I can't pretend around, as he's seen (and smelled) me at my absolute worst- after a roller derby practice. And still chosen to hang out with me.
He's listened to me talk about my school day, and how this is a very stressful year, and how I'm insecure as a teacher for the first time in a long time. (And I've listened to him talk at length about derby this and derby that.) And he's listened to me talk about how I don't think I'm good enough, and I'm struggling, and he's encouraged me more than almost anyone.

And anywhere we go- anywhere at all- he's brought along his coloring book and crayons, and despite being surrounded by all sorts of people, we just sit and color and talk.

Despite Katiebug's advie to "punch through the friend zone," we are still just friends.

And for now, I'm okay with not having to figure out what we're doing. We're just spending time together and really enjoying it.

I could get used to having a boy {space} friend.

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