Sunday, November 08, 2015

Sunday Surfing v. 7

I'm about two weeks behind, so this list is going to be forever long.
You've been warned.

First and Foremost: THIS.
I love Neil Gaiman and his writing, and his quote was my new year's inspiration and I firmly believe in him and magic. But this story by his wife? Swoon.

The Thoughtful...
*It's more about cupcakes than you think.
So. much. truth.

*VSCO Cam Tips
How can I memorize all of these?

*The Life-Changing Magic of Intentional Ignorance
I have applied this in some areas of my life and it is indeed life-changing.

The Mindless...
* Harry Potter Coloring Book.
Must. have. this.

*The kitchen style for your Meyers-Briggs type.
Truer than I anticipated... I love the Scandinavian Style.

* Pretty Words
I need to study this one too as I'm about to start some seasonal crafting...

* This sign.
I tried to make it, but couldn't find the mustard balls. (balls... hee hee...)

And The Funny...
* Tweeting Awkward Moments.
I L'd. OL.

* Learning Centers for Teachers.
I would throw elbows to go to station 4.

* Made-up words that describe every day life.
See: dogologue, floordrobe, laundrut

And THIS....
This is my jam right now, especially with all of this weather...

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