Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Blast From the Past

Whoa nelly. I was signing into blogger, and remembered that about two years ago, I made a first attempt at blogging. I gave it up after what appears to be a month and a half, and promptly forgot the login information, so that when I created this, I had to come up with a whole new everything.

Well, now I remember the information. And was able to access it.
Things I posted about:
- my ex's wedding (obviously not to me)
- a retarded book I was reading about dating
- meeting at work
- a stupid fiction book I was reading that I didn't like but yet, had to finish
- yet another time in which I was pulled over by the police
- the end of a relationship in which I put the guy's stuff in the mail and let the post office give him his crap back
- My mom calling me to tell me about Jeopardy tryouts in the area
- more random thoughts about said relationship
- a crush on the guy at the bookstore (who was probably about 12 years old)
- even more random thoughts about said relationship (I've never said I didn't think things to death)

I had a good laugh at a few of the posts and thoughts and such. And then promptly deleted the sucker lest any traces remain of that time of my life.

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