Friday, July 27, 2007


My cousins are in town for the weekend. Because we're from Mississippi (betcha didn't know my family was from Mississippi...), they're actually my second or third cousins, once or twice removed. You lose count after awhile. Actually, considering we're all pretty much one-to-two kid families, we have cousins all over the place.

These cousins that are in town now are my favorites. I gladly hand over the guest room to them when they're in town. They live in Wiggins, which is a small town where everyone knows your name and your family. His name is Buddy (did I mention they live in Mississippi?) but everyone in town calls him "Coach." He even taught Chris Boykin (II) of "Rob and Big" fame. He's a celebrity in our house for that one! His wife is Gina, and she is your quintessential Mississippi woman, though few people know what that truly is. She is the most loving person in the world, and she curses like a sailor. She loves dogs, and has run over all but one of the dogs she owns. Don't worry. They've all survived. They always do. It's what happens when you let your dogs run all over town like they do in Mississippi. She also has a wicked sense of humor.

So, when Fabio called her cell phone, she screamed "You B#$%#! I'm going to beat your a$$!" with all the love in her heart. And we must have laughed for a half an hour, bringing both girls out of their rooms to find out what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks we were laughing about.

I absolutely love it when they are in town, and will completely clear my schedule no questions asked when they are here, like I've done this weekend. We're going antique shopping and to a girl movie and out to dinner and I'll gladly give up my room for all of it!

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  1. If the quintessential Mississippi woman is anything like the quintessential Alabama woman, then I know PRECISELY what you're talking about.

    Betcha didn't know that not only is my family from Alabama, but I lived there for 28 years before I realized I was free to go.



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