Wednesday, September 02, 2009

My radio went schizophrenic and my skirt has a smidge of blood on it.

And that was all before 8:30am. Seriously.

I turned on to my beloved 93.3 this morning, and was met with a mish mash of music. First, it was a Michael Jackson song, which I thought was a joke. And then I heard a jumbly mess. And then I heard Miley Cyrus. And then I decided I might change my entire blog to a black background in mourning of my radio station.

And then my keychain broke and I hadn't even made it to school yet.

So, after a few other mishaps, I made it to school and got my life and my students settled down. And then it was 8:20. Known as the hour that all heck broke loose. K took our leapers down to their new class.

Roughly 37.4 seconds later, her entire class came running into my classroom screaming something about pepper and bleeding. It took a few more seconds for me to remember that Pepper is the class pet. The class bunny. Maybe you heard about me and the bunny.

I haven't given my kids their independent work yet, so I told them to hang out a minute while I go find out what's wrong. What they heard was "Hey...everybody follow me over to K's class and let's all go see what this fuss is about!" Because when I went to investigate the Pepper situation, they all came along for the ride.

So I go investigate, and indeed, I find a veritable crime scene. Seriously. There was blood everywhere. And by everywhere, I mean all over the 2 foot pen that she/he is allowed to run in. (I'm not kidding when I say I don't do class pets. I don't even remember what gender the present ones are.)

At that point I was presented with a moral dilemma. Help the injured, bleeding creature and thus set off a severe allergic reaction that will render me blind after I claw my eyes out by 9am. Or do ignore said injured, bleeding creature in the presence of at this point 40 4th graders that may deem me heartless.

I did the right thing and attempted to pick up the bunny. However, since I don't do pets, I have no idea how to pick up a bunny, and was thus scratched as the bunny escaped my slippery grasp. After that, I did what every smart teacher in the universe has done.

I stalled. I told them that K would figure it out when she got back which would be any minute. And she did. She discovered (without picking up Pepper) that the bunny had caught its nail on the cage as it jumped out and probably ripped it or such. She's smart, that K.

Since this all went down before 8:45, you can only imagine how the rest of the day went. One of my little ones, that I call my little Herdman, made it to the office not once, but twice. Awesome. I can only imagine what tomorrow will hold.

There were two silver linings to the evening: my Wednesday night food crew started up again, and when I came home, I discovered that Glee is starting back up. My heart cannot bear the joy of it.

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